EX-1 Model

The EX-1 canopy is designed to offer the ideal combination of practicality and function. It can be used for commercial or leisure purposes, making this the most convenient and all-purpose canopy available on the market.
The EX-1 offers value without the compromise of quality.


Front Fixed Window

Side Sliding Window

Third LED Brake Light

Exterior Handle Lock

Interior Handle Lock

Double Wing Lock System

Adjustable Wing Lock Hook

Stabilius Hydraulic Struts


Rear Aluminum Bar with Sponge Seal

Clamping System

Interior LED Lamp

Interior Carpet or Vinyl Lining


Front Drop Down Window

Front Sliding Window

Roof Rack Bars

Sliding Cross Bars

Available For Double Cab

Hilux Vigo

D-Max V-Cross

Ranger T6


NP300 Navara (Asian size)